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with an alter ego

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Another Business Trip, Another Hotel.
This Time You Have Company.

You’ve been pushing paper in the office all day long. Earning your prominent status through stressful meetings, early mornings, and long flights.

You check into another hotel. The front desk messed up your reservation again, and you had to wait in the lobby for 45 minutes.

But you keep your cool.

You loosen your silk tie, take off your custom Italian suit… and remove your mask as a polished executive. Underneath that facade is a dark alter-ego that you keep hidden from the outside world.

We thoroughly encourage it.

Our independent models want a playmate who is trustworthy and can give them a sense of security.

Someone who knows how to keep a secret.

If that’s you, it’s time for some fun.

3 Reasons You’ll Reminisce About Tonight For The Next 27 Years


Our independent models are verified for authenticity and quality.

We are very particular in selecting who can be added to our showcase.

Only the most attractive, superior and lively models are accepted.

Only the best, for the best.

Pick Your Flavor offers a safe and discrete platform for you to explore your wicked appetite without judgement.

Are you a Fetish kind of guy? Or just feigning for some stimulating… conversation.

Our models will guide you down a path of pure bliss..

After Dark Venues

You’ve heard whispers about a new club downtown. You tell everyone you know that you would never even think about going there.

Well, it’s about time you do.

We’ll give you a roster of establishments that will give you the instant gratification you’re looking to yield.

Yea She Bites...


She won’t ask where you’ve been all day - she’s here to relieve your stress. She’s beautiful inside and out. She wants to play. Every Inch of her screams with vivacity.

You are an alpha.

Whether you want to stay that way, or release your submissive side...

She wants to hear about your wins of the day. Rub your well-deserved ego. And take a tour into the darkest areas of your subconscious mind. Where your fantasies have stayed dormant for too long.

Our walled playground will actually keep your secret, a secret. You are never asked to reveal your personal information. Therefore, your privacy will never be uncompromised.

You can get your fix, while maintaining your image. Have your cake and eat it too.

Welcome to … Your muse is awaiting your presence.

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Our exceptionally gorgeous models can be found in every major city. Whether you’re just visiting or here to stay, you will find your flavor of choice.
And speaking of flavors, offers a bottomless menu of after dark venues to cator your midnight cravings.
Whether you’re looking for an event, dance club, swingers club or local tavern. We’ll guide you through the night.


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